Body Language Group


Social Media Campaign

The Brief

How does an established company that thrived on strong word-of-mouth referrals make the jump to thriving in the digital space? Body Language Group (BLG) came to us with a brief to figure that out.

Seeking to widen awareness of the BLG brand through digital channels, we crafted a strategy to position BLG as an expert and experienced distributor of health supplements. The campaign featured the Brain Booster supplement, and was primarily led by their Eternal Youth Royal Jelly — BLG’s most popular product.


Campaign development

Social Media campaign

Storyboarding & Video

Research & Conceptualisation

Besides showcasing product benefits, we identified a key strength of BLG: they had a base of regular returning customers who had stayed with the brand for many years, partly due to BLG’s superior customer service.

When we paired this with the insight that people looking to buy health supplements usually spend time to read/watch multiple reviews of a product before purchase, we knew that BLG had a potential treasure trove!

BLG had many strong stories of customer satisfaction and product efficacy to tap on, and was poised to take their traditional strength in word-of-mouth into the digital realm. With this, we produced a series of testimonial videos highlighting the strong relationships that BLG has with their long-time customers, shared on their Facebook page.


The raw treatment of the testimonial videos and the authentic experiences of BLG’s customers resonated strongly, with the two videos featured below gaining the most traction. Coupled with product-focussed videos and executed entirely on Facebook via ads and page posts, the campaign led to an increase in landing page views, enquiries and new purchases.

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