ESSEC Business School


Brand and Digital Event Campaign

The Brief

In the Executive Business Education market, many competitors position themselves as leaders based on ranking and experience. In this landscape, ESSEC Business School tasked us to develop a unique, relevant, and attractive positioning that they could own and use to drive recruitment for their EMBA Programme – targeted specifically at C-suite executives in larger enterprises.



Campaign development

Digital Media campaign

Landing page development

Research & Conceptualisation

Already an established brand outside of Singapore, we dug into ESSEC Business School’s rich history and values to understand and differentiate the ESSEC brand. Through our brand platform exercise, we identified the key insight that ESSEC went beyond just education to ‘Transform the Human Spirit’. This holistic shaping of mind, body, and soul that was built into ESSEC’s ethos would appeal to the breed of current and potential business leaders desiring not just knowledge, but a distinctive “leadership” change.

Taking that key insight, we developed a campaign for a Speaker Series partnering with leading brands that shared similarly disruptive “values” and DNA. This was embodied in the creative execution, effectively throwing the gauntlet down to draw in those who aspired to be bold enough to impact the world for good. The campaign was rolled out across a range of targeted digital and social media, all driving traffic towards a landing page for registration.

Programmatic Banners

Landing Page and EDM


The campaign drew a 250% increase in attendance for ESSEC’s Speaker Series, with more than a hundred signups and one who went on to become an EMBA candidate in the ESSEC programme.

Given the niche target audience, the campaign succeeded in positioning ESSEC as an expert and as a hub for the industry leaders and thinkers of this tribe.

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