Advertising and OOH Campaign

The Brief

Traditionally perceived as powerful and strong, Fisherman’s Friend was already a market leader, and wanted to further bolster its position. We were challenged to help Fisherman’s Friend broaden its appeal and increase its consumer base.


Concept development

Video production

Broadcast commercial

Interactive OOH installation

Research & Conceptualisation

Inspired by the brand’s tagline, we worked on offering a more open interpretation of “More Than Just Friends”. The simple and relatable gesture of a kiss perfectly encapsulated these relationships, whether between lovers, or parent and child.

Set to the soundtrack of (you guessed it) ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer, our resulting “Kiss Me” TVC presents a softer side to Fisherman’s Friend. Besides the full 30sec version, we also developed a 15sec version with a tag-on to launch the new Honey Lemon flavour.

In 2017, the campaign was extended to social media via a photo contest inviting consumers to give their own take on the line ‘More Than Just Friends’. This culminated with an OOH blast at Orchard MRT. Keeping the concept relevant to the environment, we transformed the walkway entrance, encouraging commuters to interact with a 3D trick-eye installation and give our Fisherman’s Friend girl a “goodbye kiss” at a train platform. Winning contest images were featured on the length of one side of the walkway, with the TVC running on an LED wall on the other.


Aired on national TV and in cinemas, the commercial achieved a wide reach, generating awareness and conversations about the product. Online, the video also ran as ads via Google and Youtube, with the YouTube version picking up more than 94,000 views.

The photo contest also drew in numerous entries, with consumers contributing their own “Kiss Me” moments. Public voting to choose the winners (in combination with a professional judging panel) added to the reach of the campaign.

The OOH effort picked up a mention from Marketing Interactive, but more importantly helped to remind commuters and shoppers that when love’s in the air, it’s always good to have a breath of fresh air!

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