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Print, Design, Digital and Social Media Campaign

The Brief

NTU’s Office of Global Education & Mobility wanted to highlight their outbound GEM study abroad programmes to students in a more engaging and interactive way. Previously publicised via a campus festival, outreach to students was becoming less effective. This time, NTU came to us with a brief to go digital.

The campaign had 3 main objectives:
1. Get students (especially in years 2 and 3) interested in a study abroad experience
2. Refresh and increase followers to a consolidated GEM Facebook page
3. Increase awareness and sign-ups for upcoming talks on the programmes



Campaign development

Social Media campaign

Landing page development

Research & Conceptualisation

Tapping on insights learnt over a long working relationship with OGEM, we brainstormed a campaign that would run across Facebook, Instagram, and NTU’s intranet. The digital executions were supported by on-campus posters and large-format banners.

“What’s Your X-Tribe?” (short for eXchange-Tribe) was inspired by diversity, both in the array of experiences on offer, and in the personalities of the students themselves. Crafted to pique their curiosity, students are taken on a journey of self-discovery, with OGEM as their guide. 

Through a fun quiz, students were profiled into different “personality Tribes” and encouraged to share their results with friends on Facebook – with 1 lucky winner in each Tribe winning a prize! Quiz questions got students thinking about their own preferences and expectations, while the results doubled as a platform for OGEM to highlight strategic options and destinations.

X-Tribe Identity
What's Your X-Tribe?
X-Tribe Crests
Adventurous Dream-Chaser
Budget Bookworm
Expert Planner Geek
Social Culture Vulture


The campaign went live over Facebook, Instagram, and the NTU intranet and drew immediate response. Close to 930 students had taken the quiz within the first week, with a total of just under 1,400 students by the end of the campaign. Signups for the info talks also doubled from previous years, while GEM’s following on Facebook increased by about 25%.

The first part of the campaign was anchored by the self-reinforcing loop between the revamped GEM Facebook page and the landing site that hosted our quiz and sign up form for talks. To get their results, we required students to use their NTU email addresses, and this allowed us to launch into part two of the campaign: remarketing.

Based on their X-Tribes, we worked with OGEM to recommend relevant content on partner universities to students through their Intranet inboxes to build their interest. We also strategically profiled selected partner universities for each X-Tribe on Instagram and Facebook, with the posts continuing to prompt likes and engagement on the page – evidence that campaign objectives were successfully met!

X-Tribes Posters
Landing Page and EDM
The Qi team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them invaluable partners in our effort to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new business. We feel confident that we’re getting the best advice on how to effectuate our digital marketing strategy.
Pauline Ho
Office of Global Education and Mobility
NTU Singapore
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