National Research Foundation, Singapore (NRF)
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Branding & Campaign Development

The Brief

For the 2023 President’s Science and Technology Awards, NRF aimed for a new event identity, a more effective and engaging nomination process and publicity campaign, and a compelling showcase of past winners.


The Idea

We infused the logo and brand design collateral with a fresh vibe, while maintaining PSTA’s level of prestige. Social posts spotlighted past winners with a relatable human touch—weaving compelling personal quotes and engaging narratives to illustrate the profound impact of their breakthroughs on everyday lives.



Campaign Development

Conceptualisation & Strategy

Digital Assets Development

Website Development

Social Media Marketing

Video Production


Public Relations

Event Collaterals

The Logo

The new logotype pays homage to the scientists – the shining lights and stars of the PSTA showcase – via the strategic placement of an oblique ‘S’ at the core, recognising the extraordinary impact they made, often taking the divergent route to achieve breakthroughs.

Supported in tandem by a trio of homogeneous dots – illustrating NRF’s vibrant Research, Innovation & Enterprise (RIE) ecosystem – where collaborations with enterprises give rise to scientific breakthroughs, which are translated into innovative solutions that impact society, industry and beyond.


The Medals

Extending the visual language from the logotype, we designed a fresh set of medals for the winners of all three PSTA categories.
Depicting the complex, interlinked nature of the science and technology ecosystem in an elegant way, the medals feature the same dot-and-line motif rearranged into a ring with PSTA at the core. The medals were minted in gold for the President’s Science & Technology Medal, and silver for the President’s Science Award and President’s Technology Award.

Nomination Drive

Social posts featuring past winners’ success stories to inspire new nominations.

Interim Engagement

Sustaining online interest and momentum before the selection of new winners by highlighting their impact on significant days/events like World Heart Day or World Food Safety Day.

Winners’ Chronicles

Introducing the new winners with a captivating video series revealing their driving forces, inspirations, and transformative impact.

The Media Craft

We strategically harnessed a spectrum of digital channels—spanning social media, email marketing, SEO, and SEM—to amplify PSTA’s visibility and brand awareness. Through the deployment of advanced analytics tools, we rigorously tracked and evaluated the efficacy of each publicity campaign and digital marketing initiative. This exacting attention to detail empowers us to enact real-time adjustments and optimise deliverables for maximum impact.

PSTA socials mockup
The Outcome

The campaign outshone industry benchmarks in overall performance.

Notably, LinkedIn posts emerged as the standout performers, garnering high user engagement. Particularly, posts featuring and tagging past winners captivated users, driving exceptional interaction and response.

Qi Integrated has proven that they are a communications partner of exceptional calibre. Their strengths in publicity campaigns, digital marketing, and data-driven optimisation make them an invaluable asset to any organisation seeking to elevate its brand and reach its target audience effectively.
Nur Amin Shah, Deputy Head, Corporate Communications, NRF Singapore
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