Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (Lisha)


Integrated Digital Event Campaign

The Brief

Cultural celebrations in Singapore are very much physical, personal ones, but COVID-19 has changed that, forcing digital integration into all events and festivals. With merchants and locals alike accustomed to celebrating Deepavali on-site in Little India, the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (Lisha) came to us with a brief to take the Deepavali 2020 celebrations online whilst still driving foot traffic down to the cultural precinct.

The solution would target not just Singapore’s local Indian community, but also reach its non-Indian communities and international audiences as well.


Event Identity & Strategy

Creative Conceptualisation

Digital Assets Development

Social Media Marketing

Conceptualisation & Strategy

Inspired by the to-do and must-see lists that inevitably spring up before a major festival like Deepavali, we conceptualised “The Deepavalist” for Lisha’s 2020 celebrations. Taking the “list” aspect of this event identity as a motif, The Deepavalist microsite was born – a colourful, one-stop portal for everything Deepavali 2020 in Singapore, presented chiefly in the format of easy-to-digest listicles.

Content & Digital Assets Creation

With “The Deepavalist” microsite portal as an anchor, we next built a suite of digital assets that applied the event identity and list concept to social media posts, articles, and a video developed in collaboration with Lisha and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

The content revolved around 4 pillars:

  • How Deepavali is uniquely celebrated in Singapore
  • Deepavalist 2020 festival activities
  • F&B highlights in Little India
  • Arts attractions in the Little India district
Social Media Execution

“The Deepavalist” was shared with the world via social media, with a focus on Facebook and Instagram. We took a dynamic approach to the campaign, applying targeted boosts to specific posts and tweaking the campaign according to our data on user response.

It was a well received campaign, achieving an increase in total post engagement of 2,500% and boosting new page likes by 215% and new page followers by 220%. Users clicked through to “The Deepavalist” portal and spent an average of 1 min 10 sec engaging with the content. The microsite saw about 18,000 users and high pageviews of about 44,000 from this pool.

Showcasing the Singapore-style Deepavali experience to local and overseas audiences, the main campaign video achieved more than 10,600 views via Lisha’s Facebook page.

Overall, the event marketing delivered over and above its original objectives, creating a sizeable amount of online buzz for the festival and achieving offline footfall for on-site events.

Qi employed a digital strategy to involve the young and the young-at-heart in Singapore and internationally whilst keeping the exuberant Deepavali celebrations alive. Little India was truly LIT!
Rajakumar Chandra, Chairman, Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (LISHA)
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