This Digital Trial Demo is ideal for the digital skeptics who think digital marketing is just clicks and no ROI. And for business owners who don’t think digital can find hot leads, we have news: Our clients include a B2B steel manufacturer and an industrial louver fabricator.

WHY $2K?

We are offering you our time and expertise for FREE! The $2k you pay is essentially the digital media buy at cost, plus set-up fee. We simply want to convert you, to see digital as an important marketing tool. There’s no obligations to work with us after the one-month demo.


Up to 1 in 3 clicks can be fraudulent. They are generated by click farms, often hired by unscrupulous digital agencies to meet unrealistic KPIs and in ate pay-per-click (PPC) numbers. You can end up losing money, and time following up on fake leads. Integrity of your digital agency is important, so is their expertise to prevent click fraud and generate real results and ROI.


(We’re not a big company; we only have trial capacity for 20 businesses.)

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    * >2X: ROI based on past results achieved with various SMEs. Measurement metrics may differ for businesses in different industries/sectors.

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