Nikko AM SGD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF – “Porthole”


Nikko AM


Video, Digital Campaign

Nikko AM Corp Bonds Case Study:


As the world grappled with the Ukraine-Russia war and the ominous clouds of interest rate hikes and escalating inflation, investors sought refuge in the safe haven of Singapore’s bonds. Our client, Nikko AM, saw this as a strategic moment to generate greater awareness of their own financial safe harbour product – the Nikko AM Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF – an ETF consisting largely of high quality bonds issued by some of Singapore’s most credit-worthy and home-grown companies.


Drawing inspiration from the investment industry’s buzzword, VUCA (Volatility; Uncertainty; Complexity; Ambiguity), we wove a campaign video narrative that not only acknowledged the gravity of macroeconomic conditions but celebrated the value of investing in low risk assets close to home – a story crafted to resonate with risk-averse Singaporean investors.


For five intense weeks, our digital campaign unfolded across social media, Google Search, Programmatic streaming and social boost. The results? A staggering 2.5 million impressions, nearly 30,000 clicks, and over 15,000 recorded sessions on the product page. We didn’t just meet the pre-set KPIs; we left them in our wake. This is another successful campaign in our long collaboration with Nikko AM. 

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